Woodside Plaza Neighborhood Association

In October 2016, Samie Goodman was nominated to be the
Chairperson of the Woodside Plaza Neighborhood Association

Samie launched her new role by resurrecting the Maddux Park Movie Nights, with a viewing of Finding Dory to a crowd of nearly 100 neighbors that month.  The movie nights continued throughout 2017, with showings of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Grease, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Up and Beetlejuice.   Movie nights will return in Spring 2018.

Samie’s next goal was to promote continued safety in the Woodside Plaza through the neighbor camaraderie.  Prior to the end of her first year, Samie invited the neighbors to a meeting at Henry Ford Elemetary School for a chance to get to know each other.  The Redwood City Police and Fire Departments were in attendance to discuss the Neighborhood Watch Program and discuss the Crime Climate Reports.  The event was well received and two more similar meetings were held the following year.  Block captains were chosen for the Neighborhood Watch Program which is now in full swing.

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In 2017, Samie’s first full year at the helm of the WPNA, she hosted one of the most successful, highly attended National Night Out Celebrations featuring the Redwood City Police and Fire Departments.   There was a K-9 demonstration, neighbors were given the opportunity to fingerprint their children who also got to take pictures in the Police Cars, Motorcycles and Fire Trucks.  There was a neighborhood bake-off as well as arts & crafts projects for the children.  Even the Redwood City mayor was in attendance.